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Anacapri, Italy, Oil, 24"x60"
Portrait Commission, Oil, 36"x36"
Amalfi Coast near Ravello, Italy, Oil, 16"x20"
Kozo Wedding, Oil, 18"x36"
Cloudscape, Oil, 12"x16"
Gull, Oil, 14"x16"
Monreal, Italy, Oil, 8"x10"
Portrait study, Oil, 5"x7"
Portrait study, Oil, 5"x7"
Portrait study, Oil, 5"x7"
Love Birds, Conte Pencil, 8"x10"
Live Oak, Oil, 12"x36"
Snowy Trees, Oil, 48"x48"
Syracuse, Italy, Oil, 16"x20"
Sorrento study, Oil, 4"x6"
Antique Porthole Mural, Marblehead, Massachusetts, Acrylic, 30"x36"
Vintage Photograph Copy, Oil, 20"x24"

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